Double Arrow C Ranch, Eureka KS

Wildlife & Birds

Of the 650 nesting bird species in North America, guess how many fly through Kansas? Give up … About 456 come through Kansas. This makes Kansas a great place to enjoy birds and wildlife. Double Arrow C Ranch guests will discover an array of both wildlife and birds.

Birders will find many species as they have access to wooded areas as well as the pasture. In March and early April you may encroach on the mating ritual of the Prairie Chicken. Not unlike humans, the male prairie chicken does his best to dance and impress the females. They dance or hop wildly and make quite a ruckus.

You may find turkeys, eastern bluebirds, blue herons, red winged blackbirds, red tailed hawks, quail, cardinals, and of course the Kansas State Bird, the Western Meadowlark. Take a closer look, and you will find a variety of owls, finches, ducks, grackles, bobwhites, and woodpeckers.

It is not uncommon to spot coyotes, white tailed deer, cottontails, and squirrels. If you stay at the guest house you have access to abundant wildlife in its natural habitat.